Thursday, May 31, 2007

CTA Blows

Is it me? Or is the CTA getting worse? For the past two weeks catching the bus to and from work has been hell. I the mornings I catch the bus on the corner of Belmont and Lakeshore Dr. I spend at least thirty-five minutes waiting for a bus that I can actually ride, to come. I take the 145/146 to Michigan and Pearson. Every morning with0ut fail, about six 135 buses going to Lasalle pass me by. Four are usually packed like sardines and two are almost empty. When a 145/146 does happen to show up it's packed beyond capacity, it's ridiculous. Going home is worse, how many 147's are there? There are so many 147's heading north in the evening rush hour it's not even funny. There are at least five 147's to each 145/146. And now they're talking about raising the cost of riding the bus? I don't know about you but it may be time to start walking to and from work. I'll probably get around faster anyway.

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